From medal recommendation:

“In the ANZIO Beach head this Guardsman was [a] member of a platoon of No. 3 Company which on the night  21/22 February [1944] took over positions from the II/6th U.S. Regiment.

Guardsman ADAMSON and a Guardsman MONTGOMERY were allotted to a forward outpost position.  On the way up they picked up an abandoned American Browning Machine gun and ammunition.  With this Machine gun and a box of grenades these two men established themselves well forward of the company position and spent the night harrying German posts and breaking up German patrols.

Just before dawn, Guardsman ADAMSON went back to the former American positions where he found another Browning and more ammunition.  These he brought forward, and then for the rest of the day those two Guardsmen, Guardsman ADAMSON and his companion, conducted a private war against the enemy.  They operated on the ridges forward of the enemy positions and could be quite clearly seen as they moved from place to place, covering each other with great skill, till they came to the final phase of each little operation. When under covering fire from his companion, Guardsman ADAMSON closed in on the sniper or Spandau posts, and, not having the means or inclination to take prisoners, shot the Germans with a Tommy Gun, which was his original equipment. 

Guardsman MONTGOMERY was eventually wounded and had to withdraw, so Guardsman ADAMSON continued operations alone and for the three last hours of daylight gave the enemy no rest and no chance to form up for an organized attack. 

At dusk, Guardsman ADAMSON came in to Company H.Q. and asked a Stretcher-bearer to dress what he called a slight wound on the side of his face.  While this was being done he fainted, and it was seen that he had a severe wound which must have been causing him intense pain. 

It is impossible to find out when exactly Guardsman ADAMSON was wounded, but it is certain that for some time he must have been fighting while handicapped by excruciating pain, which would have incapacitated a man of lesser physical and mental determination and complete devotion to duty.

Guardsman ADAMSON's remarkable and persistent gallantry, his initiative and skill, and his complete disregard of danger and suffering, on top of a long and excellent record as a fighting man in TUNISIAN and ITALY, deserve in my opinion the immediate award of the D.C.M.

signed CA Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Lieut.-Colonel, Commanding 1st Battalion Irish Guards


signed HR ALEXANDER, General, Commander-in-Chief, Allied Central Mediterranean Force”

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It is possible that this is the same man mentioned in the above citation.

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Sources: TNA; The Times