From medal recommendation:

“Guards Armoured Division

243515 Lieutenant Wilfred Edgar DODD, 2nd Armoured Battalion IRISH GUARDS

On 11 Aug 1944 at CHENEDOLLE when acting as Second-in-Command of his Squadron, Lieutenant DODD was wounded early in the day. He continued to command his Squadron under orders from his Squadron Leader who was at the Infantry Headquarters. Coolly standing at the top of his turret observing fire, he gave great confidence to all ranks around him in difficult circumstances.

It was only later in the day when he was wounded again that he was forced to leave the field of battle.

His coolness and efficiency in fighting a difficult battle was an inspiration to all.”

Before embarkation to France in June, 1944 a list of tanks and vehicles was prepared by the 2nd Armoured Battalion, Irish Guards. On it Lieutenant W.E. DODD is listed as being Troop Officer in  a Sherman Mk V of No. 2 Troop, No. 3 Squadron.  The other members were Guardsman J. JACKSON, Driver/Mechanic, Guardsman Reginal UNWIN, Gunner/Operator (Killed in Action, 21 April 1945), and Guardsman W. CHAMBERS, Gunner/Operator (Died of Wounds, 5 September 1944), and Guardsman W. SHIMMIN, Driver/Operator.

Guardsman WILLIAM CHAMBERS 2721100, 2nd Bn., Irish Guards who died age 30 on 05 September 1944

Son of George and Mary Theresa Chambers, of Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorkshire.

Remembered with honour BRUSSELS TOWN CEMETERY

Grave/Memorial Reference: X. 18. 20.

Quis Separabit

Sources: TNA; The Times; The Armoured Micks