From the Publication Volunteers from Eire who have won Distinctions while serving with the British Forces:

[From Medal Recommendation]

“[2721745 Lance-Sergeant Edward MAHER, 1st Bn IRISH GUARDS

24th Guards Brigade, 1st British Division, V Corps

Map Sheet Tunisia 1/0,000 Series 4225 Sh 19.

PATROL - BANANA RIDGE 20/21 April, 1943.]”

“Lance-Sergeant Edward Maher, Irish Guards, was awarded the Military Medal.

Lance-Sergeant MAHER was in a company of the Irish Guards which was in a battalion of the GRENADIER GUARDS area on BANANA RIDGE on April 20, 1943.  He was sent out on a mixed patrol of Irish Guards and GRENADIER GUARDS on the night of April 20 to discover routes to the various positions which his company was going to hold as a covering force on the night the brigade was to put in its attack.

While on its way back, the party contacted the Germans, who opened fire and killed the GRENADIER Officer.  Lance-Sergeant MAHER, a corporal of the battalion of the Irish Guards and an officer of the ROYAL TANK REGIMENT managed to lie low.  Lance-Sergeant MAHER had strict instructions not to open fire under any circumstances, as it was extremely desirable that the Germans should not know that anything out of the ordinary was going to happen.

The patrol was then in enemy territory, but Lance-Sergeant MAHER managed with great coolness to extricate himself and his party of which he took charge, as the ROYAL TANK REGIMENT officer had only just arrived in the country and had no experience of infantry patrol work.  Having hidden themselves all night and the next day Lance-Sergeant MAHER brought his party back through our lines the following evening, shortly before the Germans put in an attack.

This non-commissioned officer showed throughout great calmness and power of command in emergency, and it is doubtful whether without him the party would have got back.  He secured the information he had set out to obtain and obeyed his orders to the last letter.

He is an exceptionally fine type of non-commissioned officer and has proved himself on every occasion he has been committed to battle.


Signed Lieut-Colonel, C.A. M-D-SCOTT, Commanding 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS]”

Serjeant EDWARD MAHER M.M., 2721745, 1st Bn., Irish Guards who died age 33 on 26 October 1943

Son of Patrick J. and Elizabeth Maher. 

Remembered with honour CASSINO MEMORIAL

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 4.

Quis Separabit

See below for link to War Diary for 145th Regiment who fought in support of Guards Brigade.

The Grenadier Officer who was killed on the patrol for which Sgt. MAHER received a M.M., is this man:

Lieutenant JOHN CHRISTOPHER FREDERICK 164435, 5th Bn., Grenadier Guards who died age 21 on 20 April 1943

Son of Lt.-Col. Sir Edward Boscawen Frederick, 9th Bt., and of Lady Frederick (nee Mulloy), of St. John's Wood, London.

Remembered with honour MASSICAULT WAR CEMETERY

Grave/Memorial Reference: I. F. 1.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

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Photos: W. Anderson; Portrait from a private collection

WO 373/2-ir807



Photos courtesy of W. Anderson, 2008; B. Sims 2009; Portrait from a private collection, 2009; B. Simms, 2009; P. Reed, 2009