From medal recommendation:

“2718877 Company Quarter Master Sergeant Patrick MERCER, 1st Bn IRISH GUARDS

24 Guards Brigade, 1 British Division, 5 Corps


Map Sheet TUNISIA 1/50,000 series 4225, sh 19.

Action on Point 212 on DJEBEL BOU AOUKAZ, 27 / 30 April, 1943

On the morning of Thursday, 29 April, CQMS MERCER volunteered to accompany a carrier convoy of food and ammunition which was being sent from Battalion HQ, Point 151, to the force which was surrounded by the Germans on Point 212.  The convoy made its way successfully through enemy territory.  On arrival at the bottom of the hill, CQMS MERCER organised the unloading and carrying up of the supplies under enemy fire.

On reaching the top of the hill he immediately took an active part in the fighting.  His enthusiasm and courage put fresh energy into the troops, particularly the sections of Nos. 1 and 4 Companies of which he took command.  He was completely tireless and as equally regardless of his own safety, as he moved from the section to section directing the fire and encouraging the men.  His presence, example and cool bravery put new life into tired men, and urged them to greater effort.

He himself was continually on top of the ridge, under point blank 88mm and SAA fire, repelled enemy attacks and was in the fore-front of the counter attacks.  On Thursday afternoon, 29 April, after beating off an attack with L.M.G. fire, he collected a handful of men and led a highly successful bayonet charge over the top, with great dash, keeping perfect control of his men, and bringing them back when they had caused the maximum of losses to the enemy with the minimum of casualties.

I strongly recommend this NCO, for his courage, example and devotion to duty.


CA Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 1st Battalion Irish Guards.”

CQMS Mercer’s name and citation appears in the publication Volunteers from Eire who have won Distinctions while serving with the British Forces. It states that he was born in TULLAMORE.


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Photos: IG Journals, 1957, 1959; A. Baker; B. Sims; A. Robson

WO 373/2-ir807