Photos, clockwise l-r : Headline Times article dated 1944; Interior Guards Chapel; Memorial plaque; Battle Honours inscription  ( Photographs: A. Baker, 2008 )



    1. The Guards Chapel is located at Wellington Barracks

    2. The Chapel itself has a unique history, having been nearly completely demolished by a V1 bomb on 18 June 1944.  At the time a service was taking place and many of the congregation were killed or died later of injuries

    3. Some photographs of the destruction to the Chapel can be found here:

    4. Some archived footage of the opening of the new building and scenes of damage here: and here:

    5. The Chapel displays the retired Colours of the Guards Regiments

    6. There are memorial plaques to individuals as well as to the victims of the bomb in June 1944

    7. Click here to view Pathe News clip of unveiling of Memorial to Household Brigade

    8. Listed in the album below are the names of some of the people who can be ascertained as victims of the bomb. In all over one hundred and twenty people, soldiers and civilians, were killed and many others injured.

    9. Many thanks must go to Jan Gore for permission to reproduce on this site a list of names much more complete than one previously published here. Jan has worked tirelessly in order to research a short biography for each of the victims and each year before the anniversary of this tragedy, files a copy with the Guards Chapel of an updated list. Without this work many inconsistencies and spelling errors on the official record would not have been corrected. All information denoted by grey italics, has been collated by and is copyright of J. Gore, 2009. 

    10. Click the album below to view photos and newspaper articles relating to the Guards Chapel and to the victims of the bomb on 18th June 1944.

    11. Should you have any further information or photographs relating to either the victims or the Guards Chapel, please click here to get in touch.